TransUnion Seamless Onboarding

Convert More Good Applicants into Great Customer

Provide your customers with a smooth digital onboarding experience that can be completed in one sitting

Solutions suite

First fully comprehensive end-to-end digital onboarding solution

TransUnion Seamless Onboarding delivers a full range of solutions in a single platform and API, allowing for easy integration and flexible customisation.


Unparalleled fraud detection and prevention:

Leverage TransUnion’s vast offline and online data, analytics, and insights to create great experiences for good customers while addressing the risk of fraud.

Meet consumers’ increasing demands for faster, seamless experiences:

Drive higher volumes of customer acquisitions through smooth digital onboarding experiences, going from application to fulfilment in minutes.

Instant Identity Establishment

Enable applicants to quickly and safely scan documents which can extract their information and pre-populate applications rather than manually entering which improves their user experience and ultimately your brand. But also assess the validity of the document to ensure it has not been tampered with.

Confidently verify both physical and digital identities

Tap into a massive network of personal and digital data and establish consumer identity with greater confidence. – Use facial biometrics and digital verification tools with confidence to reduce fraudulent account opening

Enhanced fraud protection

Mitigate risk and comply with strict regulations using TransUnion’s latest fraud countermeasures — working behind the scenes in real time.

Risk-Based Authentication

Offer fully customisable, smooth authentication and authorisation experiences, and strengthen security at every step of the consumer journey.

Less Friction, More Acquisitions

See how TransUnion Seamless Onboarding can help you convert more customers from the start.

See how TransUnion Seamless Onboarding can help you convert more customers from the start.