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Debt Index

Improve your risk assessment by gaining a deeper view of a customer’s current indebtedness over time

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Be more effective at acquiring customers and expanding business relationships

Debt Index is a generic tool used to determine the debt index for a consumer at a particular point in time, as well as plot the historical trend of the consumer’s debt burden. This is valuable because simply tracking payment levels doesn’t provide a complete picture of an applicant’s financial circumstances. The higher the debt index, the higher the propensity for delinquency. So the Debt Index presents an increased correlation to risk. By viewing the increase or decrease in indebtedness, you gain a more accurate view of your prospective and existing customers’ financial circumstances, as well as their ability to take on more credit or meet existing credit obligations.

Debt Index provides you with a view of consumer indebtedness over time, enabling you to optimise your risk assessment across all phases of the credit lifecycle


With Debt Index, you can get a more accurate view of your prospective customers’ financial circumstances and their ability to take on more debt, enabling you to extend the right offers to the right customers.

Customer Management and Recovery

Get improved insights into the health of your existing book, enabling you to manage risk more effectively, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and improve your pre-collections strategies.

Product Highlights
  • Get a more reliable view of your customers

  • Identify opportunities for growth in your customer base

  • Manage collections more effectively