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Strike Date Calendar

Identify the best date on which to collect against a consumer and significantly increase your recoveries

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Increase recovery rates, reduce costs and optimize profitability

TransUnion’s Strike Date Calendar provides collectors with the most likely payment date range on which to successfully collect against a consumer, based on payment history. By leveraging the bureau’s comprehensive consumer payment profile information, as well as our intelligent analytical capability, we’re able to provide organisations with an accurate view of the best dates to collect from consumers. The model takes weekends and public holidays into account, in order to produce an accurate result that is relevant to your specific collections period.

Improve effectiveness throughout the customer lifecycle

Strike Date Calendar for Acquisition

Ensure that debit order dates are set up correctly when acquiring new customers to reduce first-time defaults

Strike Date Calendar for Account Management

Identify opportunities to realign collection dates, in order to improve collection activities during your account management processes

Strike Date Calendar for Collections

Negotiate insight driven promise-to-pays on delinquent accounts and realign debit order/collection dates to improve recovery rates

Product Highlights
  • Gain confidence with high probability collection dates

  • Reduce delinquency rates and the costs of collections

  • Increase recovery rates

  • Easily integrated into your unique environment

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