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Swiftly and efficiently recover outstanding debt and combat fraud with our highly-effective tracing solutions

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Speed up your collections efforts and improve fraud detection and prevention

Every day that passes without locating debtors costs you time and money. TransUnion’s Trace Solution Suite gives you access to the most comprehensive and current information available on consumers and businesses – information that can help you minimise losses and increase your business effectiveness. Our comprehensive and standalone modular reports provide your business with a range of invaluable data to cater to your trace needs.

Get the search information you need to speed up your collections efforts, and improve fraud detection and prevention through bulk or individual online tracing options.

Tracing for Collections

Get relevant information to assist with tracking down consumers defaulting on their credit obligations. By having access to information on individuals linked to the traced subject, the probability of locating and successfully collecting from the defaulting consumer increases.

Tracing for Fraud Detection and Prevention

Identify and prevent fraud occurrences by having access to fraud details and business information that assists with syndicate activity identification. This helps you minimise losses and increase your business effectiveness.

Business Trace

Gain access to pertinent information relating to a business, allowing you to investigate and identify commercial entities that share contact information with other businesses.

Product Highlights
  • Access current and historical information

  • Discover adverse details

  • Analyse companies and properties linked to individuals

  • Expand your view by looking at individuals linked to the traced subject

  • Stay up to date with the latest contact information via instant alerts

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