Digital Onboarding

Convert good applicants into great customers.

Digital Onboarding Features

A smooth, fully comprehensive digital onboarding experience your customers can complete in minutes.

Meet growing consumer demands for fast, friction-right onboarding while leveraging TransUnion’s fraud analytics, risk insights and vast datasets to reduce fraud.

Verify documents and reduce friction

Allow users to securely scan their government-issued identification in order to ensure integrity of the documents. Select information is then digitally extracted and populated for a faster and improved application experience.

Accurately establish consumer identities

Utilize the option to request consumer selfies, relying on facial biometrics and liveness detection technology – and comparing against TransUnion’s vast network of personal and digital data – to validate user identities with confidence.

Enhance existing fraud protections

Count on TransUnion fraud solutions — that work in real time behind the scenes — to mitigate risk and comply with strict regulations.

Confidently authenticate good customers

Strengthen security throughout the consumer journey with a modern, customizable and consumer-friendly approach to authentication and authorisation.