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Sales @ TransUnion

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Be at the forefront of driving scalable growth and delivering innovative solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide.

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Sales at TransUnion is a combination of individual determination, ability and a solid organisational structure. Sales professionals here are encouraged to think beyond a script or formula, while tapping into our impressive portfolio to deliver customised solutions. Undeterred ambition, product knowledge, sales ability and a little bit of swagger all converge to make up the TU professional in Sales.

“TU impacts everyone – we have the opportunity to enrich the lives of consumers and businesses.”

-Aaron Smith, Vice President, Business Development

Hear from our Sales team

Information has the power to enable businesses and consumers to make smart decisions which improve customer experiences. Each day we’re taking our capabilities to the next level.” – Jennifer, Director of Sales

“The best part about being at TU is we unpack new capabilities and solutions on a daily basis which motivates me to continue looking for innovative ways to solve our clients’ challenges.” – Priven, Director of Analytics Consulting

“The impact our products make have the ability to transform the future. Each day, I look forward to making a difference.” – Tim, Vice President of Product

What’s next?

We’re on an exciting journey at TransUnion and looking for enthusiastic team members who believe in using information to improve peoples’ lives around the world. We invite you to explore #LifeAtTU.

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