Auto Digital Onboarding

Accelerate the digital transformation of your dealership with enhanced marketing, acquisition and onboarding

Driving the delivery of fast, secure customer onboarding

Shifting to digital consumer engagements means there’ll be no going back for the auto industry. To survive and thrive in the new digitised economy, dealerships must facilitate informed online searches that lead to satisfied, in-person sales. Digital Onboarding is an integrated suite of products that help dealers leverage growing opportunities to implement data-driven tactics at every point in the customer journey. 

Verify documents and reduce friction

When users securely scan government-issued ID documents, information is digitally extracted for a faster and improved application experience. 

Enhance existing fraud protections

TransUnion fraud solutions work in real time behind the scenes to mitigate risk and comply with regulations.

Establish consumer identities

Selfie requests use facial biometrics, liveness detection and a network of personal and digital data to validate identities.

Confidently authenticate good customers

Secure the entire consumer journey with a modern, customisable and consumer-friendly approach to authentication.

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