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Predictive Analytics and Scoring

Leverage a wealth of information to make better decisions, be more competitive and take more calculated risks

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Make better decisions and improve your risk management strategies

Our analytic techniques helps you get the information and insights you need to forecast credit performance, take the right action at the right time and increase profitability. Develop and evaluate risk management strategies and improve the performance of your credit portfolio with TransUnion’s analytical expertise and in-depth data offerings. Increase your competitive advantage in today’s challenging market by identifying and reaching the right customers across a multitude of industries. Evaluate risk more effectively and meet more of your goals using powerful risk models—including many industry-specific, behavioural and rules-based, as well as customised models specific to your business.

Evaluate risk better and meet more of your goals using powerful risk solutions

Customer Acquisition

TransUnion’s comprehensive information sources, sophisticated analytics and decision services, and industry insights can help you manage risk more effectively. Grow your customer base more confidently while mitigating risk and controlling costs by targeting the right customer at the right time through improved segmentation. Develop more granular insights into customer behaviour over time to assist with more accurate decisioning.

Portfolio Management

Gain the insight you need to monitor and address changes to your portfolio's risk level. For insurers, this allows a better understanding of policyholders’ claims history over time, to assist with portfolio management actions. For credit providers, TransUnion’s analytical and scoring solutions enable you to make timely and sound decisions on credit limits, interest rates and payment terms.

Product Highlights
  • Find and connect with the right customers

  • Reduce your exposure to risk and build stronger, more profitable portfolios

  • Fine-tune your risk management strategy and identify new opportunities

  • Reduce costs and increase revenue by focusing resources on the accounts most likely to pay