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Make decisive and profitable vehicle trading decisions today with our vehicle and customer information App

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Quickly say yes to good customers while being equipped to detect even the most sophisticated fraud

Today, mobility is everything and being able to make instant but informed decisions can mean the difference between just reaching sales targets and exceeding them. With fraud and loan declines on the rise, the used car market faces a myriad of challenges during vehicle transactions. So how do you differentiate between good and more risky customers and still make profitable and safe trading decisions? With TransUnion 1Check you get access to a robust suite of solutions that delivers compressive vehicle information instantly and enables you to make more actionable, less risky decisions. To provide a more complete and insightful view of the vehicle trading transaction, we’ve partnered with TransUnion Credit Bureau to enable awareness of the customer’s credit standing.

TransUnion’s extensive database of over 19 million consumer records and the TransUnion Auto database—the largest database of vehicle manufacturers, financing and valuation records in South Africa—are at the heart of the app, where real-time information provides motor dealers with the ability to reduce risk while increasing transaction turn-around times and customer satisfaction.

TransUnion 1Check is an easy-to-use app that delivers vehicle and customer information in real-time enabling dealers to make fully-informed, on-the-spot decisions.

Quick Credit

Assists dealers by affording them reference to the credit standing indicator of a consumer. Through this, the dealer is able to discuss the credit standing indicator with the consumer in determining whether or not to commence lengthy sales negotiations on a vehicle for which a consumer may, or may not, be able to obtain financing.

Test Drive

Utilises TransUnion’s Fraud Prevention Model (FPM) to enable dealers to evaluate the level of risk associated with a potential customer prior to entering into a sales negotiation, or even before allowing a customer to take a vehicle on a test drive.

Historical Report

Get the precise value of a specific vehicle at any point in time – both month and year.

Vehicle Verifications

Get extensive manufacturer information, SAPS interest, Datadot and mileage.

Vehicle Valuations

Access the latest trade and retail valuations for vehicles.

Stock Loader

Easily upload and manage vehicle stock and have an instant, up-to-date view of your dealership’s greatest assets.


Combine multiple products offered via our app, giving you quick and easy access to a single, downloadable report.

Product Highlights
  • Access a suite of solutions built on current, accurate and reliable vehicle and customer data

  • Gain insights into vehicle transactions and make the best decisions

  • Improve speed-to-market by understanding what your customer brings to a transaction

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and crime by confirming motor vehicle identification details upfront

  • Get instant access to retail and trade values of used vehicles nationwide

  • Enables credit awareness through an interactive process of understanding the customer’s credit worthiness and their ability to take on more finance