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Vehicle Verifications

Confirm a vehicle’s key identifiers and make more confident and less risky vehicle trading decisions

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Act with confidence when buying, selling or financing a vehicle

Our Verifications solution gives the wider South African motor industry the power to reduce crime, risk and losses – even helping to improve business practices. By sharing the wealth of vehicle information stored in our database, we can help you prevent the sale, auction, registration, financing and insuring of suspect, invalid or stolen vehicles.

Verifications brings together the results of extensive international experience, using state-of-the-art technology in the sourcing, aggregation, management and dissemination of data relating to vehicles. Our comprehensive vehicle information is widely used by dealers, asset finance institutions, loss adjusters, auctioneers and the public sector for the confirmation of specific motor vehicle identification and verification criteria. Our database is updated daily from reputable sources, such as the South African Police Service (SAPS), and is fully supported by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAAMSA), the South African Council of Banks and the Retail Motor Industry (RMI). The highest international standards of data security, accuracy and audit logging are incorporated and adhered to.

Our Vehicle Valuations delivers extensive and dynamic information to enable more informed, less risky vehicle trading decisions.

Vehicle Profile Enquiry

Identify and confirm vehicles’ primary identifiers, as well as other related financial encumbrances or third-party interest.

Financial Registrations

Utilised by banks and dealers that finance vehicles to register and confirm legal ownership (title-holder status) and determine outstanding finance.

Security Alerts

A ‘bolt-on’ IT flag for registering adverse, ownership or irregular vehicle status, as well as a proactive tracing and reporting facility when activity on a flagged vehicle is detected.

SAPS Confirmation

All vehicle enquiries include an automatic referral to the SAPS in real-time for confirmation of vehicles’ current status (this is not a Police Clearance and does not replace one)

Product Highlights
  • Confirm specific motor vehicle identification and verification details

  • Be confident that the vehicle is not stolen

  • Be assured that you’re financing the correct vehicle make and model

  • Determine if the asset is still subject to a previous finance agreement

  • Verify that a vehicle can be tendered for sale in cases of settlement, repossession or substitutions

  • Be sure you’re registering your finance house’s title on the correct vehicle make and model being financed

  • Ensure that your dealership passes clean deals to financiers to protect your margins and reputation.

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