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Monitoring Solutions

Be more effective at debtor monitoring and better position your businesses for handling opportunities and risks

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Monitoring debtors effectively allows you to improve decision-making and better manage risk

With TransUnion’s Monitoring solutions you can make insight-driven decisions and take business critical actions with confidence, helping you retain and grow your existing customer base. Having insight into your debtors’ financial and behavioural changes will not only improve processes, it will allow you to keep up with constant changes in the business environment and avoid missed opportunities. Ongoing monitoring and updating of your database gives you intelligence essential to improving debtor management which significantly contributes to business success.

The range of solutions in our monitoring suite:


A trigger is a notification that can be used to optimise acquisition, account management and collections processes. These notifications are delivered in the form of an alert record, depending on your unique requirements.

Trace Alerts

Trace Alerts are instant notifications that allow you to take immediate action on consumer data changes that affect your business.

Business Monitoring Services

Keeps you aware of changes within your customer’s environment by tracking, updating and alerting you to important shifts in their profiles. This gives you the power to instantly react to potential opportunities or risks.

Debtor Ranking Model

This model helps to improve debtor management by identifying the high-, medium- and low-risk customers. This allows your business to proactively identify and act on risk.