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Collections Solutions

Efficiently maximise your business’s collections strategy for best results throughout the collections lifecycle

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Leverage our trusted data and extensive industry experience across the collections lifecycle

We understand the challenges organisations are up against when it comes to collections: finding customers, contacting them and successfully recovering outstanding debt. Having access to quality, comprehensive and current information allows you to effectively improve your collections processes, increase revenue and minimise risk.

A strong collections function can determine financial performance and having the necessary tools at your disposal can inform decisions and optimise daily operations. Our collections products and solutions allow organisations to streamline processes so they can achieve better results.

The range of solutions in our collections suite:

Trace (Individual and Business)

Our Trace solution suite gives you access to both comprehensive and standalone modular reports that provide your business with a range of invaluable data to cater to your trace needs.

Collections Prioritisation Models

The Collections Prioritisation Models provide a clear view of high-, medium- and low-priority prospects in your collections book to help you add significant value to your business.

Strike Date Calendar

Strike Date Calendar provides businesses with the most likely payment date range on which to successfully collect against a consumer, based on their payment history.

Contactability Index

Contactability Index provides you with a high-, medium- or low-probability of contacting a consumer on a given cellular number, enhancing your collections strategies.

Product Highlights
  • Enhance your collections strategies across the collections lifecycle

  • Improve customer service and retention for low-risk customers

  • Realise departmental efficiencies by making optimal use of limited resources

  • Maximise how data is used to drive collection decisions

  • Increase recovery rates