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Commercial Credit and Risk Information

Be more effective at onboarding new business customers, managing your existing accounts and collecting

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Onboard new business customers, manage accounts and collect with improved risk management

Manage credit risk better while growing your business—even in today’s challenging market. The key is controlling overall business costs and understanding your business on a more detailed level. Process automation, analytics and quality information can enhance your ability to predict risk more accurately, streamline your processes and expand your organisation.

TransUnion will work closely with you to understand your business and provide the information and insight needed to maximise opportunities, and improve business operations and efficiencies.

Reduce business risk with the right information at your fingertips

Local and International Business Investigative Information

Investigate a business to gain access to their latest payment behaviour, bank account details, as well as their financial and operations information

Onfile Business Information

Utilise TransUnion’s vast data sources to understand the current status of a business, as well as historical banking and payment information

Marketing Solutions for Business

Improve customer engagement and return on investment by making smarter decisions.

Product Highlights
  • Get a comprehensive view of the businesses you deal

  • Reduce credit risk by receiving alerts of critical changes

  • Predict if a business is likely to fail within the next year

  • Obtain information on partners, customers and suppliers worldwide

  • Get insight into the potential risk of a debtor

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